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5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!

5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!

SEO makes your online website and business game achieve the heights of success. It is a powerful tool that helps in increasing traffic and ensuring the ranking of your website by effective measures. 

Currently, there are various methods by which SEO can help with your business, but all the SEO tips and tricks get a little too overwhelming for someone who has just started out with the role of SEO. So, to help you with the most effective tips, here is a list of 5 easy tips & tricks for better rankings. Read on to find out what all you can master on the next time you get an SEO based project. 

5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!
5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!

Improve the website’s loading time: 

If your website takes time on loading then chances are your websites will face an increase in the probability of bounce. For any website page, speed is important and if you have already heard about it and still haven’t done anything for this then stop everything you’re doing and start focusing on improving the loading of the website. 

To improve the website’s loading time you will have to: 

Firstly remove all the big and higher quality images

Make use of the sprites instead of the small images reduce Http redirects 

Make use of the Content Delivery Network service

Remove any unimportant JavaScrip files

Make a move to the faster hosting provider 

Optimize the URL, headings and descriptions:

Anything that catches the attention is images, titles and descriptive writing. For e.g., if you have a descriptive website and an undescriptive website, chances are people are going to click the website which has catchy headings, informative description and well-formatted URL instead of the one where you don’t have anything. Hence, by any chance, you are lacking in this area then you know what you have to do first. 

Make your website mobile-friendly: 

Making your website mobile-friendly is one of the crucial things. Most of the users use their mobile phones more than their regular PCs so if you don’t make your website mobile friendly then you could be losing almost 70 percent of the traffic. In other words, it means that if you don’t optimize your website for mobile viewing, these people will leave and probably won’t come back again. 

Also, with the introduction of a mobile-first index by Google, your website will not be a part of the Google mobile-first index if the site is not mobile-friendly. By not being part of that you would lose a lot of traffic. 

These are the measures that you can do to make your website mobile-friendly: 

Make sure your content is same on both the platforms i.e. desktop and mobile. 

Run a test on your website with the Google Mobile Friendly Test. 

By using the Google mobile speed test, test your website. 

Make sure to see how long it takes for the website to load on the 3G connection of the mobile and take necessary steps to increase the overall speed.  

Provide fresh & Updated content: 

For any website, one of the most important aspects is there fresh and useful content. By content, it means anything and everything that includes articles, quotes, infographics, reviews, slideshows and videos. If your website has old and outdated content then that means your website is outdated and will not be quite helpful for your viewers. Even if the website is at the top rank then also you need fresh and updated content on your site. 

Pro tip: Write evergreen content instead of trendy content that loses its power after a day or so. 

Internal links are important: 

Give your SEO a nice little boost with the help of internal links. This simple SEO trick is important as it provides an internal link between the pages of your own site to get much better higher rankings in the search engines. Check the rankings of the keyword on Monitor Backlinks to see which content needs a little boost and thereby create a content suiting that keyword to further game up to the rankings.


5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!
5 Easy SEO Tips & Tricks For Better Rankings!

For eg., if you have an article that is ranking on 6th and you want to push it a little further on to the top. Then you would have to add an internal link to this article from the higher-ranked articles on your website to give a little boost.  

So, these were all the 5 easy SEO tips and tricks for better rankings. These simple SEO tips and tricks might look easy, but trust me it is very effective if you inculcate the above SEO tips on your website. 

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