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What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques

What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques?

For a well-ranked website, one thing that plays a major role in the ranking is the correct practice of different types of SEO. There are four main types of SEO that aims in ranking the website and earning a high extent of visibility in search results. 

What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques
What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques?

For any business or company to get traffic one needs to have search engine optimization facilities. Without proper SEO, your website will not be able to get desired ranking and will definitely get lost in other ranked sites. So, if you don’t want such things from happening and want to know what are the different types of SEO then keep on reading. 

Black Hat:  

Black hat is an SEO practice that goes against the guidelines of the search engine for ranking a website. Black hat tactics are quick and shady as this technique of SEO doesn’t follow the right rules of Google Webmaster Guidelines. This technique includes plagiarism, keyword stuffing or hiding, cloaking, thin content, private blog networks and paid backlinks. If you use black hat techniques, then chances of your site or company getting banned from the search results are on the higher end. 

White Hat: 

A white hat technique is the best technique to follow if you want your site to rank on the search engines without any shortcuts or shady practices. In fact, this practice is known to be the best and is recommended by many of the content marketing and SEO based companies around the world. 

The technique of white hat follows the right rules of Google Webmaster Guidelines and the ranking does take time but you don’t have the risk of getting demoted or banned. The techniques that are used in the white hat includes making use of different keywords and writing useful or informative content for your audience.

Grey Hat: 

Grey hat falls in between the whole techniques of white hat and a black hat. Even though these techniques are not called out in the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it doesn’t mean that you could use it and it is 100 percent safe for your website. Some examples of Grey hat can include writing clickbaity titles for attracting audiences, altering the content, paying for the reviews and prolific link exchanges.  

Negative SEO: 

Negative SEO is a technique of attacking someone else’s site with the whole purpose of causing harm to them. The negative SEO uses a black and grey hat to cause harm to others. It mostly happens between competitors where they put you down and get their site higher rankings in the search engine result pages. The technique usually includes posting negative reviews, stealing content and hacking the site.


What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques?
What Are The Different Types Of SEO Techniques?

Therefore, now that you know the different types of SEO and what are good for you, then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your families and friends as well. With the different types of SEO techniques if you would like to know more about SEO and its importance then head over to the importance of SEO article.   

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